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Governing Body Self - Evaluation & Impact Statement

Beaumont Lodge Primary School – Governance Reflection and Impact Statement on the academic year 2015-2016







What governors should do (ref Ofsted Inspection Handbook Jan 2015)





What Beaumont Lodge governors do (and evidence)



Action for 2016-2017

Carry out our statutory duties, such as safeguarding, and understand the boundaries of our role as governors


  • GB self-evaluation/reflection annually
  • Nominated Safeguarding Governor (trained),
  • Governor Safeguarding Training (most governors)
  • Staff Safeguarding Training (all)
  • Safeguarding Audit – termly
  • Detailed tracking of statutory policies & programme of review and approval (policy, minutes)

Governors are clear on boundaries, statutory roles and responsibilities.

  • Additional governors to be trained in Safeguarding.
  • Staff Training updated regularly
  • Safeguarding to become a standing agenda item at all governor and staff meetings.
  • Safeguarding Governor to complete GEL Online training.

Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction, including long-term planning

  • GB committees restructured in 2015 to ensure more strategic approach.  Committees developed. (minutes)


The GB needs to have more of an increased impact in school culture in order to ensure quality of enrichment opportunities, staff morale, pupil enjoyment and relationship with parents.

  • GB to be restructured including meeting times.
  • Two full GB meetings per term to include committees and reports.
  • Set Governor Action Plan for 2016-17.
  • Review and scrutinise SEF.
  • Review and scrutinise Pupil Premium and Sports Funding.
  • Develop Governor Links.

Contribute to the school’s self-evaluation and understand its strengths and weaknesses, including the quality of teaching, and review the impact of our own work

  • Review pupil data in committee meetings (minutes)
  • Review SEF & ensure SDP is aligned with it
  • Annual GB self-evaluation (reports)

Governors have information to enable an understanding of school performance and to ensure that the SEF is based on this and that the SDP addresses all priorities.  Governors need further knowledge and training to review the impact of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Governor to be appointed Data Link Governor.
  • Local Authority training for Data Link Governor.
  • GEL Online training for Data Link Governor.
  • School visits by Data Link Governor
  • Appoint Governors to link with to School Improvement targets to ensure close monitoring.

Understand and take sufficient account of pupil data, particularly our understanding and use of the school data dashboard.

  • Frequently review whole school pupil data (, RAISEonline, dashboards), attendance, (minutes)
  • Briefings to committees & FGB from  HT on assessment process and changes in policy after elimination of levels (minutes)

Governors receive data from a range of sources and have a detailed knowledge of school performance.

  • Appoint Data Link Governor.
  • Visits by Data Link Governor.
  • Governor attendance at book scrutinies, pupil interviews and learning walks, pupil progress meetings.
  • Governors to have a more detailed knowledge of Target Tracker.


Ensure that the school promotes tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths (or those of no faith), cultures and lifestyles; and support and help, through our words, actions and influence within the school and more widely in the community, to prepare children and young people positively for life in modern Britain

Assure ourselves of the rigour of the assessment process

  • Briefing session at FGB meeting on SMSC & British Values (minutes)
  • Feedback from Leader of Learning
  • Governor visit to school.


Governors have a range of evidence that school has many things in place to address this area and that actions are being taken to develop further

  • Governor link visits.
  • Appoint a SMSC and British Values Link Governor.
  • Visits by link governor.

Be aware of the impact of teaching on learning and progress in different subjects and year groups

  • Review data in FGB and Committee


  • HT report to GB on performance management process & teaching objectives (minutes)


Governors know performance in different subjects and year groups and actions to strengthen teaching and learning

  • Appoint Impact of Teaching Link Governor.
  • Reports from visits.
  • Appoint Singapore Maths Link Governor.
  • Appoint Early Years Link Governors to monitor GLD Targets.
  • Appoint GPS Link Governor.
  • Appoint KTC Link Governor.


Provide challenge and hold the HT and other senior leaders to account for improving the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and pupils’ behaviour and safety, including by using the data dashboard, other progress data, examination outcomes and test results; or do we hinder school improvement by failing to tackle key concerns or developing our own skills


  • Ask challenging questions based on data. (minutes)

Governors beginning to understand school performance and ask challenging questions based on this.

  • Challenge leaders through link meetings
  • Conduct visits to verify information from the headteacher
  • Speak to pupils
  • Governors to attend book scrutinies.
  • Governors to attend Learning Walks.
  • Conduct interview with pupils on behaviour and safety.
  • Data Link Governor to monitor.

Use the pupil premium and other resources to overcome barriers to learning, including reading, writing and mathematics

  • Committee reviews Pupil Premium reports from headteacher including impact of funding (minutes)
  •  Governor visit meetings include discussions on PPG pupils (visit reports)

Governors have an understanding of how Pupil Premium in School and the impact.

  • Appoint Pupil Premium Governor.
  • Report from Pupil Premium Governor.
  • Visits by Pupil Premium Governor.
  • Full understanding of Pupil Premium and its impact by all governors.

Ensure solvency and probity and do we ensure that the financial resources made available to the school are managed effectively

  • Committee meets regularly and reviews budget, financial audit actions,  (minutes)
  • Committee working with HT develop accurate long term financial planning (minutes)

School budget is balanced with no significant carry forward each year.  Attendance at the meetings have impeded regularity of meetings

  • Change meeting times to ensure full attendance at meetings and that meetings are quorate and are held regularly.
  • Governor visits to verify evidence given from financial information.

Provide support for an effective headteacher

  • Good working relationship with HT
  •  GB decisions are supported by all governors
  • Headteacher is focused on school priorities
  • Conscious of duty of care to HT and staff

Relationship between GB and HT.

  • Ensure GB structure and activities link to school improvement priorities
  • Ensure Governor section of website is compliant.
  • Letter from Chair of Governors on website.
  • Governors to support parent meetings and school events.
  • Regular meetings with Chair of Governors.

Monitor performance management systems and understand how the school makes decisions about teachers’ salary progression, including the performance management of the headteacher, to improve teaching, leadership and management

  • Governors carry out HT annual PM with appropriate external adviser & do interim review.
  • Four governors attended head teacher appraisal training.
  • Some objectives linked to school improvement priorities (PM record)

Governors understand the PM systems.

  • Ensure objectives are linked to school improvement priorities.
  • Governor links with performance management.

Engage with key stakeholders


  • Little direct contact with parents.
  • Informal contact by governors (many live in local community) & some contact with groups that use school


Governors engage with stakeholders in a limited way.

  • Develop a Community Link Governor to support parents and staff.
  • Develop Parents’ Forum.
  • Attend parents’ evenings and staff meetings.
  • Letter from Chair of Governors on website with information on how governors can be contacted.
  • Attendance at school events/assemblies/school trips.

Are transparent and accountable, including in terms of recruitment of staff, governance structures, attendance at meetings, and contact with parents and carers

  • Governors on interview panels for staff
  • All meetings minuted.  Governor newsletter issued to all parents  Governors page on website includes photos, visit summaries and this impact statement

Engagement of governors weak.  Governors need direction and action plan.

GB continues to improve with reflection and evaluation.

  • Develop a governor portfolio.
  • All visits to be recorded.
  • Regular reviews of committees and effectiveness.
  • All governors on at least one committee.
  • All governors to have linked area.
  • Improve attendance of governors at all GB meetings & meetings with Ofsted, LA, parents etc
  • Governors page on website includes photos, biographies, business interests, links with the School Improvement Plan.