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Spencer's French Blog


05.05.17 surprise Today we practised the names of countries.  We had to find the French names for each country and complete the table below. 

There were team games - Ashleigh was the captain of one team and Lewis was the captain of the other.  Ashleigh's team won!

Then we played noughts and crosses using the country names to rehearse further!

Fantastic work from Bradley who read a 3 point sentence! sad

Leo managed a 4 point sentence! frown

Lewis did a great job with a tricky 4 point sentence!! no











Year 6 have been learning about Kensuke's Kingdom in Literacy. In Art we created some paintings in the style of Hokusai using different mediums!

Spencer's French Blog!


Every week, after our French lesson, Spencer will publish a list of French words we have been learning.  That way you can keep working on your French at home!  frown


T28.04.17  This week we learnt about the names of countries in French.

Can you work out what each of these countries are in English?

La Belgique

La France

La Greece

La Suisse

L Allemagne

L Italie

L Espagne

Les estates-units


At the end of the lesson, we played a game to test our understanding.  There were two teams - one team had Harsh as the captain and the other had Mia.  The scores were:

Mia:12 winners!

Harsh:7 losers!


Year 6 spent the afternoon learning about different cultures and what they do for a living. They were challenged to see how many sets of 10 paper bags they can make in exchange for 1 Rupee (The currency of India). This was to help them realise how workers in different countries are treated.